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Philly's Most Charming Neighborhoods, Revealed

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So often Philly as a whole is described as gritty. Tough. Charming? Not so much. But take a walk down Addison Street during the holidays or through Elfreth's Alley and folks might change their mind. Still weary? A new map now shows the city's most charming areas, from the obvious spots in Old City to the lesser-visited Victorian-lined streets in West Philly.

Created by the apartment listing site, the Charm Index Heat Map uses a mix of data on crime, local businesses, and lifestyle to determine how charming a location really is. The more local boutiques and restaurants, the more charm. Corporate chains, however, give an area a lower rating.

The map deemed Queen Village as one of the most charming spots in Philly, with a 93 rating:
This location is rated Very Charming because there are more than 30 local boutique businesses in the surrounding neighborhood. Local amenities such as Theatres, Book Stores, and Antique Stores are nice to have in the vicinity. Also, most of the local shops are rated highly by residents. People here enjoy active lifestyles with Walkways available nearby. Agree? Disagree? You can vote directly on the charm map.

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