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Society Hill Townhouse Steeped in History Asks $649K

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Photos courtesy of Skye Michiels and Associates and Library of Congress

It may be nearly 231 years old, but age looks good on this historic home in Society Hill. In 1785 a stone cutter named William Stiles was granted the right to build the 3-story, Georgian-style home—for the "yearly rent of 183-1/3 Spanish silver milled dollars."

That's where the history of the 3-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom house begins, according to a document that lists all of the former owners of the property that the current owner holds:
It is agreed that William Stiles will within the space of 7 years from the date hereof erect, build, and completely finish upon the lot hereby granted "One good Brick Messuage or Tenement of the Height of three stories about [above] the Ground with a Cellar under the whole and of sufficient value to secure the said yearly Rent hereby reserved." The document shows that the home has been owned over the years by booksellers, printers, merchants, and stationers, as well.

In fact, archival photos of the home at 301 Cypress Street reveal that little has significantly changed over the years. The hardwood floors and original millwork remain in tact, and we're told that a previous owner made sure that the first-floor built-ins matched the original built-ins on the second floor.

And because the home is located in a historic district, the Philadelphia Historical Commission has to review any proposed alterations to the property.

The asking price of the historic property is $649,900.

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