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New Renderings Show Just How Huge Blatstein's South Broad Project Really Is

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New renderings have been posted of Bart Blatstein's proposed mega-development on South Broad Street a few weeks ahead of the Civic Design Meeting on March 1. And while we already knew the project would be big, the renderings reveal just how truly massive it's going to look along the up-and-coming boulevard.

Here's the project summary: Located on the corner of South Broad Street and Washington Avenue, the proposed 4.4-acre site will be approximately 1,800,000 square feet of retail and residential. The 371-foot-high building will need zoning variances for roof decks for non-residential use and a parking garage.

Last week, Philadelphia Inquirer architecture critic Inga Saffron wrote about Blatstein's proposed development, calling it "worrisome" for the surrounding neighborhood and a "dorm for grown-ups."

The development will go to the Civic Design Review on March 1.

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