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Developers Seek to Demolish Converted Church in Fishtown

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Development in Fishtown is so hot right now that even converted churches-turned-apartments aren't hip enough to stick around. Jared Brey of PlanPhilly reports that demolition permits have been issued for a former church at 1775 Frankford Avenue that was turned into lofts. The plan is for four duplexes to be built on the site. Brey writes:
[Ori] Feibush said that the converted church is still occupied and in good shape. The demolition permit was pulled because the owners are hoping to replace the church with more for-sale houses. Feibush said that he's meeting with neighbors to discuss the project later this week. The church is likely to be demolished starting this summer, he said, though it's not a sure thing. According to Zillow, the 6,200-square-foot property was sold last year on November 10 for $1,000,000. The PlanPhilly article reports that city records show that a New Jersey-based company called Frankford Street Properties, LLC bought the former East Montgomery Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, which was built in the 1890s.

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