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Report Reveals Philly Housing Affordability By Profession

You're out of luck if you're in the restaurant business

Good news if you're a teacher, doctor, or techie: Your job affords you a majority of homes in Philly. But if you're in the restaurant biz, your chances of affording a home in the city are pretty slim.

In a report conducted by the real estate listing website Estately, analysts found that restaurant servers can only afford 14 percent of homes on the market in Philly. Doctors and computer programmers, however, can afford 99 percent and 95 percent of homes, respectively.

Here's how Estately crunched the numbers: They analyzed homes prices in Philly for the last six months and the average salaries of six occupations (including astronauts, because why not?) using Glassdoor data. From those numbers they determined the percentage of homes available for each occupation.

Still, Philly professionals don't have it the worst. The analysis also looked at cities like San Francisco, where even computer programmers can only afford 4 percent of homes, and LA, where restaurant servers can't afford to buy any homes whatsoever.

You can see the whole breakdown over at Estately's full report.