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Big Reveal: $599K for Eco-Friendly Fishtown Home

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The home is part of Rag Flats, a sustainable living community

This week's Pricespotter featured a Fishtown home with a slew of eco-friendly features, including a rooftop solar panel system, rainwater management, and sustainable building materials. So we poised the question: How much do you think this energy-efficient home is currently on the market for?

One commenter turned out to be right on the money with the guesstimate of $599,000. The actual asking price: $599,900.

The Fishtown home is located in the Rag Flats, a garden community built by local architecture firm Onion Flats, LLC in 2006. A former rag factory, the design of the homes were inspired by Philly architecture: Trinities, rowhouses, lofts, and pavilions.

Thanks for playing along in this week's Pricespotter and stay tuned for another chance to play our guessing game.