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Petition Calls to Halt Bart Blatstein's Waterfront Development

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The Delaware waterfront has seen an immense amount of growth over the years, with multiple pier parks, bike-and pedestrian-friendly trails, and plenty of green spaces. But a developer's plans to bring residential units, a gas station, and strip mall to the former Foxwoods site in South Philly is drawing ire among residents and has led to a petition calling to stop the project.

Bart Blatstein, who is also behind the proposed mega-development at South Broad and Washington, purchased this site in 2014 after plans for a Foxwoods casino fell through. Property reported in January about Blatstein's current plans to develop the site for 670 apartments and townhouses, and retail, including a Wawa and Aldi.

As recently as last week, Blatstein told Philadelphia Inquirer that there were still plans to be worked out. The petition went up this morning and currently has 150-some signatures. It's calling for the plans for the "suburban development" to be revised to be more in line with the master plan for the Delaware Waterfront.

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