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Fitler Square Home is a Book Lover's Dream, Asks $550K

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Forget what the KonMari method says: This Fitler Square home wants you to keep all the books, no matter how much or little joy they spark in you. The 4-bedroom, 2-bath home features floor-to-ceiling built-ins along two walls in the living area; another bedroom upstairs has another built-in that spans the entire width of one wall.

Other interesting details of the home include a glass-enclosed display shelf in the dining area and a laundry chute. Sliding doors in the dining room open to the backyard brick patio. There's also an enormous weaving machine in one of the bedrooms, which likely will go with the owners (although, couldn't hurt to ask!).

The asking price of this Fitler Square rowhome is $550,000.

·216 S. Bonsall Street [Redfin]