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Design Within Reach to Join East Market Development

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The studio will be five times the size of its former location on Walnut

Design Within Reach will be located at 11th and Ludlow streets.
Design Within Reach will be located at 11th and Ludlow streets.
Rendering by BLT Architects. Interior Renderings by D Form A (DFA)

Rejoice, midcentury modern design lovers! After closing its doors in 2010, Design Within Reach is opening again in Philly, this time in the East Market multi-use development on Broad Street.

The modern design store was formerly located on Walnut Street, but closed in 2010. Its new location will be at the corner of 11th and Ludlow streets. East Market's design calls for Ludlow Street to be lined with more artisanal shops, boutiques, and restaurants, while Market Street will be reserved for "major thoroughfare and digital signage," according to the press release.

NYC-based architecture firm D Form A (DFA) and Light Studio LA are behind the designs of the studio, which will be 15,000 square feet—five times the size of their former location on Walnut Street, according to DWR president John McPhee.

Design Within Reach plans to open early 2017, while the first phase of East Market is expected to be complete that spring.