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$7M Barclay Condo Now the Most Expensive Home for Sale in Philly

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The spacious condo has 30 windows and much of the sixth floor to itself

Just last week we shared the most expensive homes for sale in Philly, and already a newcomer has taken the top spot. Listed last week for $7,000,000, a double-unit in the Barclay Condominiums in Rittenhouse Square now boasts the priciest listing in the city.

It edged out another property in Rittenhouse Square that's currently on the market for $6.95 million. Now, three of the 10 most expensive homes on the market are located in the Barclay Condominiums.

The unit in the Barclay consists of two condos combined into one, and clocks in at a spacious 6,500 square feet. The 6-bedroom, 7.5-bath home takes up nearly half of the sixth floor of the Barclay building and features 30 windows.

According to the listing, the condo was redesigned by NYC-based architect Christoff : Finio into a midcentury modern gem, with pocket doors, gallery spaces, and custom built-ins. Here's how the architects describe the design on their website:

The original character and detail of the perimeter walls is preserved against the more modern composition of spaces and materials we brought to the space. Rooms flow around an organization of three "screens" of different density that divide the space into varying degrees of privacy. A balance between warm and cool is achieved through the use of walnut and dark marble floors, acid etched glass walls, glass and ceramic tiles, and a stainless steel and black walnut kitchen.

There's also a guest suite that has its own private entrance.

Again, the asking price of this condo is $7,000,000, plus $4,905/month HOA fees.