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Cool Map Shows Where Tourists & Locals Go in Philly

The map was created using data from Flickr photos

This is pretty cool: A data artist has created a visual map of the top-visited places in Philadelphia among tourists and locals—based on Flickr photos.

Eric Fischer used geotagging data from Flickr photos, and determined spots in Philly that are most frequented by tourists and locals. Photos posted by tourists are in red and locals' photos are in blue. The yellow dots represent photos that Fischer couldn't determine if the photographer was a tourist or a local.

Not surprisingly, the map shows that most tourists snap shots along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and in Old City, home of Independence National Historical Park. They also frequent the sports complex in South Philly.

Philly wasn't the only city Fischer documented—he made 136 maps for various cities in the U.S. and around the world. You can see them all via his Flickr account.