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Centre Square in Center City is For Sale

Anyone need two office towers and a huge clothespin?

The Centre Square complex, which consists of two tall office towers in Center City, is up for grabs.

The Philadelphia Inquirer first reported that Equity Commonwealth has put Centre Square on the market, though the listing agent would not comment on the price tag. Philadelphia Business Journal speculated back in February that today the complex, which is nearly full of tenants, could go for $350 million to $400 million.

Perhaps best known for Claes Oldenburg's Clothespin art installation that sits on the complex's plaza, Centre Square was built in the 1960s and consists of a 36-story tower and a 43-story tower. According to CBRE's website, which is handling the listing, Centre Square features custom millwork and has undergone "significant" renovations.

Whoever buys the property will have an ideal setup: Centre Square is located in the heart of Center City at 15th and Market, right across from City Hall.