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Philadelphia Ranked 7th in Nation for Biking, Walking to Work

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Turns out more people are commuting by bike these days

More Philadelphians are opting to bike to work, though a majority still take public transportation or drive, according to a new report.

The Alliance for Biking and Walking just released their 2016 Benchmarking report, which broke down how folks commute to work across the nation. In Philadelphia, 10.6 percent of commuters bike or walk to work, placing the city at 7th in the nation. That's compared to Boston, who took the number one spot with 16.7 percent of commuters biking or walking.

Here's how the numbers broke down for Philly compared to number one ranked Boston.

The 2.1 percentage rate of Philly's bike commuters may seem tiny, but it's actually a slight increase of 1.1 percent from last year. And it's worth noting that the report still listed Philly's bikeshare system as "planned," though Indego launched in 2015.

One aspect the alliance says will promote even more city biking is protected bike lanes. Of the 498 bike lanes and paths in Philly, only 12 miles are protected, compared to 422.8 miles of unprotected paths.

The full report is available at The Alliance for Biking and Walking's website.