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Philadelphia Planning Commission Wins National Planning Award

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It took home the award for best planning agency

Former deputy mayor Alan Greenberger once described the Philadelphia City Planning Commission's responsibilities as "tortuous but important" work. Add well-worth it to that list, since the commission was just awarded the 2016 National Planning Excellence Award for Planning Agency.

The recognition comes from the American Planning Association, which advocates excellence in planning across the country.

The Philadelphia City Planning Commission was recognized for its efforts to engage the public. The award highlighted the commission's coordinating of the Registered Community Organization (RCO) process, which the commission is in the middle of a restructuring. It was also applauded for its ongoing city comprehensive plan, Philadelphia2035.

Here's what the APA had to say:

Engaging the public in the planning processes of the PCPC has illustrated the need for good planning of the built environment. Stakeholders experience first-hand how planning addresses many community concerns, including housing choices; well-maintained libraries; parks and recreation centers; strong transportation system; access to healthy food and vibrant commercial corridors.

The Philadelphia Planning Commission will officially receive the award on April 4 at the National Planning Conference in Phoenix.