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Secluded Rittenhouse Square Home Combines Three Trinities Into One

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The former owner was a student of Louis Kahn

What to do when you love the charm of a Trinity home, but can't stand its tight spaces? Snatch up three of them and turn them into one!

That's how this secluded Rittenhouse Square property on the 21st block of Addison Street came to be, according to the current owner who says the former owner was a student of Philly's beloved starchitect Louis Kahn.

Perhaps that explains the interesting architectural details scattered throughout the home, including the winding, wooden staircase at the entrance with a large skylight. That leads to the living area, which is separated from the kitchen with a see-through wood-burning fireplace.

Real estate agent Ian Perler adds, "The owner claims all of the exterior and interior bricks were salvaged from a Germantown Fire House, along with the wood for the staircases."

And in addition to the two bedrooms upstairs, there's private access from the large brick patio to an in-law suite or potential office that has its own kitchenette and bathroom.

The asking price of this home at 2017-21 Addison Street is $675,000.