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Top Zip Codes for House Flipping in Philly

From Grays Ferry to Kensington, five zip codes in the city cracked the top 30 list for house flipping

If we've learned anything from watching Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop marathons endlessly, house flipping is no easy task. But a new report finds that Philly is a hot spot for house flips compared to other cities, with Grays Ferry raking in the most renovations and profits in 2015.

The Realty Trac report, dubbed "Top 30 Hipster Zips for Home Flips," listed five zip Philly zip codes in the ranking, including the neighborhoods (4) Grays Ferry 19146, (6) Pennsport 19147, (7) Fishtown/Kensington 19125, (18) South Philly 19148, and (30) Olney 19148.

What makes these areas the top "hipster" zip codes for house flips? At least 10 house flips had to take place within a year and make a good profit, and a good chunk of millennials had to live there.

The data shows that you're most likely to experience the greatest profit from house flipping in Grays Ferry, with Fishtown/Kensington not far behind. A recently renovated property in Grays Ferry, for example, was bought as a fixer upper in 2015 for $47,000. It sold in February for $132,900.

The top zip code in the nation for house flips? That'd be 55408, in Minneapolos, Minnesota.

To see how Philly compares to other cities across the nation, check out RealtyTrac's full report here.