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10 Green Projects in Philly You Should Know About

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From the first green roof in the city to a game-changing parking lot

If you've ever heard of "green stormwater infrastructure," good for you. If you actually know what it is, even better.

Still lost? Here's a quick 101: Green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) includes soil-water-plant systems that intercept stormwater. The water either goes into the ground, evaporates into the air, or goes back into the sewer system.

Here's why that matters: Research shows that GSI benefits not just the environment and developers' wallets, but also the health and safety of communities. One study by the USDA Forest Service and University of Pennsylvania found that there were 18 to 27 percent reductions in narcotic possessions near GSI projects in Philly. Burglaries were also reduced around these areas.

All this to say, Philadelphia is pretty good at incorporating GSI into a number of parks and green spaces—many of which you've probably visited. In fact, the city has 40 acres of green roofs, 100 acres of "porous pavements," and 270 total properties with green stormwater infrastructure.

At the first annual GSI Awards last night, many of these green spaces were recognized for their environmental efforts. Here are 10 important projects that you should definitely know about.