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Single-Family Fitler Square Trinity Asks $359K

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The charming home clocks in at 507 square feet

If you've ever wanted to live on one of the most charming streets in Philadelphia and in a quintessential Trinity home, you're in luck. This 3-bedroom, 1-bath Trinity on Panama Street can be yours for $359,000.

Like a true Trinity, which Atlas Obscura recently dubbed the "original tiny house," this three-story home is well under a thousand square feet—570 square feet, to be exact. What's different and enticing about it, however, is that it's a single-detached family home.

It's located in a gated courtyard on Panama Street. On the first floor, the kitchen is a mix of old and new, with updated appliances and cabinetry as well as a wood-burning fireplace and exposed beams.

The second floor is technically the living room with another fireplace, although according to the listing, this qualifies as the second bedroom of the home. Of course, that'd mean you'd have to walk through it to get to the main bedroom on the third floor.

But that's not what living in a Trinities are about, anyway. They weren't necessarily designed to be efficient uses of space—you live in them for the history, character, and charm.

Again, the asking price of this home is $359,000.