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Modern Bella Vista Condo in Converted Warehouse Asks $1.6M

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Lovely architectural details, plus three outdoor spaces

We should have known something special was behind this blue door on South 10th Street. Over in charming Bella Vista, this $1.6 million home has been transformed by a designer couple from a factory to a modern live-work space.

What formerly served as the Lyric Theater and Southeast Ironworks building is now a 3-bedroom, 3.5-bath home that clocks in at an impressive 4,932 square feet. Clearly, the current owners, an industrial designer an artist, put their creative talents to use. There are nice architectural details throughout the home, including knotty pine floors, arched ceilings, and plenty of windows that draw in copious amounts of natural light.

There's also a lot of outdoor space, including a secluded backyard patio, an upper-level terrace, and access to the roof.

The asking price of this home, just a couple of blocks from neighborhood establishments like Sabrina's Cafe and Philadelphia's Magic Gardens, is $1,600,000, plus $160 monthly HOA fees.