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Subway Tiles and Backsplashes Help Philly Homes Sell Quickly

Those two features are moneymakers

Here's some helpful advice for real estate agents, homeowners, and house flippers: Make sure your home has subway tiles and a kitchen backsplash.

Why? Turns out having those two features helps Philly homes sell more quickly and for more money, according to a new Zillow report.

Specifically, homes that include the phrase "subway tile" in the listing's description sell 6.9 percent above their expected values, and 63 days faster than expected.

The word "backsplash" had the same effect: Homes with this feature sell 4.1 percent above the expected price, and 46 days faster.

For the report, Zillow looked at more than 2 million homes nationwide that were listed between January 2014 and March 2016. The researchers then analyzed how certain keywords, amenities, and design styles had an impact on the sale price in major cities.

Our friends in New York, for example, really like exposed brick, while Los Angelenos want shaker cabinets and farmhouse sinks.

Overall, "barn doors" are the real money makers: Homes with this rustic sliding door feature sell 13 percent above the expected values.