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Most Common Listing Words in PA Real Estate

Pennsylvanians have a thing for wall-to-wall carpeting

Apparently, Pennsylvanians really like wall-to-wall carpeting, according to a new analysis of real estate listings in the state.

Zillow recently went through its thousands of listings and to find out which words and phrases are most popular in each state. In Pennsylvania, listings were 13 times more likely to feature "wall-to-wall carpeting" and 8.2 times more likely to include "heat central air" than any other state.

But those weren't the most popular terms used overall in Pennsylvania. In fact, two Philly neighborhoods took the first and second spots overall: "Fishtown" and "Rittenhouse Square," respectively.

Here are the most common listing words in PA:

  1. Fishtown
  2. Rittenhouse Square
  3. Council Rock
  4. Cool bedroom full
  5. Home bedrooms
  6. PA Turnpike
  7. Doylestown
  8. SEPTA
  9. Chester counties
  10. Exterior asphalt