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Mormon Meeting House Gets Its Steeple

The temple is on track for its August open house

It's been awhile since we checked in on construction of the Mormon Temple at 1739 Vine Street. But based on recent photos posted by BLT Architects, the meeting house at 1601 Vine is coming along and recently added the steeple to its top last week.

According to the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints' website, construction is going according to plan:

The outside of the Philadelphia Temple is complete! Landscaping, pavers, and fencing are now being placed, along with the first plantings. Everything is on track to be completed and ready for the Open House, starting August 10th!

From August 10 until September 3, members of the public will be able to tour the temple—after its official opening on September 18 only church members will be allowed inside. The meeting house, however, will remain open to the public.