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Report: Philly Remains 4th Most Walkable U.S. City

And our walk score improved, too

Philadelphia is the fourth most walkable city in the U.S., according to a recent report by real estate website Redfin.

Redfin's latest findings gave Philly a Walk Score of 78.3, up 1.7 points from last year. While it wasn't enough to nudge any of the top three cities, it is the second year that the city earned fourth place.

New York, San Francisco, and Boston took the top three spots, respectively. Miami wasn't far behind from Philly, with a walk score of 78.2. Here's the full ranking:

  1. New York
  2. San Francisco
  3. Boston
  4. Philadelphia
  5. Miami
  6. Chicago
  7. Washington, DC
  8. Seattle
  9. Oakland, CA
  10. Long Beach, CA

Overall, all of the top 10 walkable cities improved their scores from last year. And the most recent stats show that Philly's walking and biking commuting rates are steadily increasing, as well.

Let's see if we can crack the top three rankings next year, Philly!