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Northern Liberties Victorian with Turret Gets Another Pricechop

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Will a $40K price cut help this home nab a buyer?

We've kept our eye on this Northern Liberties Victorian since we last wrote about it in December. At the time, the 4-bedroom, 2-bath corner home was listed for $639,900—that was after a mild $10,000 price cut from it was first listed in October.

Today, the home is still on the market, but now its price tag is just under $600,000 after a $40,000 price chop.

The 1920 Victorian really is a beauty. At 2,626 square feet, much of its original details remain, from the tiled floor in the entrance, to the stained glass windows and bay windows, to the pocket doors that separate the hallway from the living area.

And with the two-story turret, there are plenty of spaces with "future cozy reading nook" written all over them.

The asking price of this Victorian is $599,900.