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Design Committee Applauds Olde Kensington Live-Work Redesign

Plus: New floorplans of the live-work spaces

Designers made a number of changes to a proposed live-work development in Olde Kensington that were applauded by the Civic Design Review committee at yesterday's monthly meeting.

"It's nice to see that we were actually listened to. You've really made a better project," said committee member Anita Toby Lager.

Harman Deutsch Architects' new design proposal added more space to the property by removing a live-work space and one apartment unit from each floor. In total, there will be seven live-work spaces and 64 apartments.

In addition, the new proposal includes a green roof, cafe seating along American and Thompson streets, and an interior pedestrian walkway that cuts through the development.

The new proposal also included floor plans of the live-work units, which the architects said will be custom-designed for each resident.

Currently a one-story warehouse is on the site at 1222 N. 2nd Street, which is zoned industrial.