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Big Reveal: Chestnut Hill Home with Pool Asks $849K

Most readers high-balled the actual price tag

This week's Pricespotter brought readers to Chestnut Hill, where this 3-bedroom, 4.5-bath home is up for grabs. We asked: What's the asking price of this lovely property that has a separate studio, a pool, and a hot tub?

Based on the poll results, a majority of readers guessed that the 2,530-square-foot home was worthy of a $1 million price tag.

The actual asking price, however, is $849,000. That's a bit over the median real estate value in Chestnut Hill, which is about $710,000.

Here's our question though: Any chance we can rent out what looks like an incredibly cozy studio?

Thanks for playing along, and stay tuned for next week's Pricespotter!