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The William Penn Statue is Getting a Makeover

The 124-year-old statue on top of City Hall needs some TLC

It's hard work being Billy Penn, hanging out on top of City Hall all day and night. So it's only fair that the iconic statue gets some TLC every once in awhile.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that it's time for William Penn's latest touch up. In August, the 37-foot-tall statue will be scrubbed down and washed with detergent. His last so-called bath was in 2007.

Preservationists will also make sure the bronze statue gets touched up, and make patch-ups where needed. The final touch will be a wax and buff for Penn.

The city is able to give the statue its makeover thanks to a $25,000 grant it received from the National Endowment of the Arts. In total, the entire restoration will cost $250,000.

And yes, this means the City Hall deck observatory will be closed during three- to four-week-long cleaning.

Can't wait to see the new do, Billy.

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