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Big Reveal: $179K for a Detached West Philly Home

Plenty of folks thought it was worth more

Thanks for all of you who played along in this week's Pricespotter. We asked readers to guess the asking price of this recently listed and rehabbed West Philly home. It's an unusual property for the neighborhood, which is known for its grand Victorian rowhomes that these days are going for $500,000-plus.

That might have thrown some folks off, since 38 percent of poll-takers guessed that the asking price of this 3-bedroom, 1.5-bath home was $235,000.

The actual price tag? $179,000.

Real estate agent Robin Mack-Ward says, "I really can’t stress enough how thoughtful the renovations were—the sellers have repeatedly said that they wanted [it] done as if they themselves were living there, and we think that really shows."

And for what it's worth, the lot next door is up for grabs, too, for an additional $20,000. A 3-bedroom home with a huge yard for less than $200,000? That's a steal.