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Black Bear Spotted Wandering in the Wissahickon

He was last seen heading towards Devil's Pool

Well, there goes the neighborhood: A black bear has been spotted taking a dip in the Wissahickon Creek.

Park officials posted photos of the bear on their Facebook page earlier today, warning hikers and cyclists to be on the lookout. Looks like the furry beast was heading to Devil's Pool. Someone needs to tell the bear it's illegal to swim there!

On the Facebook page of Friends of the Wissahickon, they write: "A black bear has been spotted along Forbidden Drive near Valley Green Inn. It was last seen walking across the Creek towards Devils Pool. Please avoid these areas and use caution when hiking, and please remember to keep your dogs leashed in the Park."

The Pennsylvania population of black bears has grown in recent years, due to hunting restrictions. They tend to roam the suburbs of Philly and in New Jersey. But we can't remember the last time a black bear took a trip within city limits.

Be careful out there folks!