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Philly Named 9th Most Bike-Friendly City in the U.S.

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It takes 22 minutes to commute to work by bike

Philly was recently named the ninth most bike-friendly city in the U.S. by real estate website Zillow.

The ranking comes during National Bike Month, and puts Philadelphia among other bike-friendly cities like Seattle (1), San Francisco (3), and DC (4).

To come up with their list, Zillow looked at number of commuters who bike to work and how long their commute is, as well as the number of rental listings that mention bike storage. They also noted the miles of protected bike lanes in each city.

Here's how Philly fared:

  • Cyclists per 1,000 commuters: 16
  • Median commute time by bike: 22 minutes
  • Mentions of "bike storage" per 1,000 listings: 12
  • Miles of protected bike lanes: 0.24

That last number will soon change, as the city recently received $300,000 from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Corporation (DVRPC) to build 15 protected bike paths throughout the city.