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These 6 Philly Schools are Still for Sale

The Philadelphia School District has sold 21 properties since 2013

Since closing nearly 10 percent of the city's schools three years ago, the Philadelphia School District now has just has just a handful of properties left that are still up for sale.

Danielle Floyd presented the district's proposed 2016-2017 budget to the City Planning Commission yesterday, and provided an update on their "sale of surplus properties" initiative. Of the 28 school property closures that occurred in 2013, 21 have been sold and eight are currently pending sales. Six properties remain on the market.

In total, the district has made $65 million from the sales. Two notable properties sold include West Philadelphia High School, which is currently being converted into apartments and was sold in 2015 for $5,100,000, according to public property records. Another significant property is the Edward W. Bok Vocational High School in South Philly, which was sold to Lindsey Scannapecio for $1.75 million. Both schools are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Here are the six schools that are still on the market:

Floyd also said the district plans to build two new schools or additions to address capacity deficiencies. They plan to spend $4.5 million of their proposed $2.8 billion budget to those efforts.