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Reservations Required for Mormon Temple Open House

You can reserve a ticket on Monday

Beginning next Monday, reservations will open to snag a ticket to the Philadelphia Mormon Temple Open House in August and September.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced earlier this week that you will need to reserve a free ticket online in order to tour the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple, which will be open from Monday to Saturday beginning August 10 through September 9.

After the open house season, the temple will only be open to church members.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, construction on Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple is on track. Spokeswoman Flora McConkie said:

"In the last week or so, furniture, artwork, rugs, and mirrors began to be delivered," she said. "Work on the plaza area continues with landscaping and the placement of pavers. By the end of May, small plantings, bushes, lawn and flowers will be in place. And by the end of June, all grounds lighting will be finished."

When it opens in August, the Mormon temple will be the first in the state.

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