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Brand New Fishtown Home Comes with 4 Outdoor Spaces

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It's the first Philly project of a small development company

Just in time for this warmer weather, a brand-spankin' new home with four outdoor spaces in Fishtown has hit the market as of this morning.

This home at 1031 E. Earl Street is the first project of Anchorage Development, a boutique building company. It's a 3-bedroom, 3-bath property that measures in at a solid 2,000 square feet.

"We were trying to evoke something more traditional to the neighborhoods of Fishtown and Society Hill, with brickwork and black-framed windows on the exterior and modern finishes on inside," says Bryan Schmalbach, project manager of Anchorage Development. "So, melding the old with the new."

"Another thing we wanted to do was to try to use as many locals as possible," Schmalbach adds. The brickwork was done by a local mason and the cornice inside is handmade, as well.

Each level has its own outdoor space. There's a small back patio for grilling, a deck off the second and third levels, and a green roof that has its own wet bar and views of the Ben Franklin Bridge.

For what it's worth, the roof deck is made of rubber and features a two-inch-high drainage matting on top, followed by individual deck tiles. That means unlike typical fiberglass decks, the roof can contract and expand and is expected to last 30 years.

When they purchased the property two years ago, the structure on the lot was one of the first houses built in the neighborhood. "It's funny, because it was a cute little house, but it had a tree growing through the foundation that was probably about 40-feet high," says Schmalbach.

The team had to demolish the home, but were able to salvage much of the wood, some which was given to a local carpenter. They plan to repurpose the wood they kept in future projects—Anchorage Development also owns five vacant lots next to the property and plan to build similar homes to finish out the row.

The asking price of this home, which will be complete by the end of the month, is $459,900.