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Median Rent in Philly is Slightly Down This Month

What's a 1BD apartment going for these days?

The median rent in Philly for a 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom decreased slightly this past month, with a month-over-month price change of -1.7 percent.

According to the report released by Apartment List, a 1-bedroom unit in Philadelphia currently goes for $1,200 a month. The median 2-bedroom price is $1,500 a month. The national 2-bedroom median price of $1,300.

That puts Philly as the 24th most expensive city for renting in the U.S., tied with Houston. It's worth noting, though, that although rent prices decreased slightly this past month, rental prices jumped by 3 percent since last year. In Houston, however, rent has only increased by .80 percent.

You can see how Philly's rent compares to other cities by heading over to the full report.