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Big Reveal: $259K for a Lower Moyamensing Rowhome

Readers were right on the mark

For this week's Pricespotter we asked readers to guess the asking price of a lovely brick rowhome in Lower Moyamensing. How much does a 3-bedroom, 1-bath property go for these days in this South Philly neighborhood?

Of the 140-plus votes that rolled in, 23 percent guessed $289,900. But the majority of voters went for the correct asking price of $259,900.

Lower Moyamensing in general is becoming a hot neighborhood, where homes are still relatively affordable compared to surrounding areas yet values are steadily increasing. A recent Pew report found that it was one of 15 neighborhoods that experienced gentrification since 2000.

Thanks for playing along and be sure to tune in next week for another chance to play Pricespotter!

2331 S. 11th Street [Skye Michiels and Associates]

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