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Cool Map Shows How Many People Commute In and Out of Philly

Driving directions included

Prepare to be entranced: The ACS Commute Map is a cool new map that visualizes how many people commute in and out of Philadelphia each day.

The map was created by Michigan-based Mark Evans, the blogger behind I Like Big Bytes. He used data from the American Community Survey (ACS), which includes U.S. Census information on where people live, work, and their mode of transportation.

This screenshot shows how many people commute into Philadelphia each day—the colorful dots reveal where they actually live.

While this screenshot shows how many Philly residents commute outside of the city each day.

Not surprisingly, many more workers commute into Philadelphia on a daily basis compared to those who travel out to the suburbs. Census numbers from 2013 found that some 253,000 people commute into Philadelphia every day. Meanwhile, 146,825 Philly residents travel outside of the county.

For Philadelphia County, Evans used data available for 124 census tracts, and visualized the commuter flows for workers traveling in and out of Philadelphia between 20 and 100 miles.

You can check out the map in real-time over at Evan's blog. If you pause the map, you can click on each dot for more information—including the workers' commute routes.