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More Than 25 Percent of Philly Millennials Live with Their Parents

The numbers have been increasing for more than a decade

More than a quarter of millennials in Philly still live with their parents, according to a new report.

Zillow's latest findings reveal that of the 904,000 millennials ages 24-34 living in Philly, 27 percent of them live at home with their mom and pops. That's the 10th highest percentage in the U.S. and slightly higher than the country's average of 21 percent.

The number of Philly millennials moving back home has steadily increased since 2005, when 17.5 percent of them lived with their parents.

For the report, Zillow used data from the American Community Survey. It should be noted that the most recent numbers available are from 2014.

The report also broke down their findings by race and ethnicity. A majority of millennials living with their parents are white. Asian millennials are most likely to live on their own.

You can read the full report over at Zillow.