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Parkadelphia Map is Everything You Need to Know About Parking in Philly

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The parking app is constantly being updated with new features

If you haven't already heard of Parkadelphia, bookmark it—now. The life-changing (really though!) app has everything you need to know about parking in Philly, from where you can and can't park to residential permit parking boundaries.

And today, the developers have announced another new feature, which allows you to see where users are searching for parking on the map.

Lauren Ancona is the brains behind Parkadelphia. She created the map back in 2014 when she noticed a lack of information on parking rules in Philly. Using the text of city code that defined the residential permit parking district boundaries, she made the first version of the map. This year, she teamed up with the City of Philadelphia Open's Data Office and launched an even more comprehensive Parkadelphia.

The map is constantly undergoing updates, like the search feature that Ancona launched today. Down the road, users will be able to search for parking by time, day, length, and cost.

We told you it was life-changing.