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Incredible Frank Furness Home Gets $200K Pricechop

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The jawdropper features 5 bedrooms, 7 baths, and an inner courtyard

A home in Rittenhouse Square designed by Frank Furness, one of Philly's beloved starchitects of the Victorian era, just chopped $200,000 off its asking price.

This gorgeous home at 2113 Spruce Street has been on and off the market since 2015, waiting for someone worthy enough to buy and live in this Furness gem. It was built sometime during the late 1800s and over the many, many years the home's original architectural details have been preserved. Namely, the Furness ornament and wainscoting and a skylight in the beautiful stairwell.

Here are the stats: It's a massive 5-bedroom, 7-bath home that clocks in at 5,703 square feet. It's also double the width of a traditional rowhome. There's also an interior courtyard, and a garage with four parking spaces.

Today, the asking price of the historic home is $2,750,000, down from its previous listing price of $2,950,000.