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Snøhetta Reveals Even More Stunning Renderings of Temple Library

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They just keep getting better and better

Just when we were settling into a quiet start of summer, Snøhetta decides to drop another stunning set of renderings on us.

The architecture firm, which collaborated with Stantec, just shared seven(!) new renderings of Temple Library with Curbed Philly, allowing us a closer look inside the actual 225,000-square-foot building. Previous renderings focused mostly on the exteriors and rooftop terrace.

There’s a nighttime view of the fourth floor, a look at some of the books that will be on display, and multiple renderings of the common spaces. The firm has always emphasized that this is as library "for the 21st century," and that it will be much more of an inviting, collaborative space than a traditional library.

Let’s have a look at the interior goodness, shall we?

Temple University broke ground on the $170 million project in April. At the groundbreaking, senior architect and project manager Nathan McRae told Curbed Philly that about 10 percent of the books will be in display on the fourth floor. The rest of the university's massive collection will be accessible via an automatic retrieval system called the BookBot.

Construction on the library—the university’s biggest and most expensive project to date—is expected to be complete in the fall of 2018.