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Report: Philadelphia is the Best City for Millennials

It meets every criteria millennials want—except for one

We get it, millennials: New York City is great. It has the arts, culture, food, the High Line ... but in reality, Philadelphia is actually the best fit for you.

That’s according to a recent report released by Adobo, an apartment search company. They surveyed some 2,000 millennials to find out what they're really looking for when it comes to city living.

The top five qualities: A thriving job market, affordable rent, affordable home prices, parks and hiking trails, and lots of local restaurants, respectively.

When it came down to it, a majority of millennials said New York City was their perfect city, followed by San Francisco and Seattle.

A measly 0.89 percent of those surveyed said Philadelphia was their top choice. To add to the sting, when Adobo asked Philadelphians specifically to choose their perfect city, Seattle was their top choice.

Now for the good news: When researchers crunched numbers on each of the cities, they determined that Philadelphia was the most ideal city for millennials because it met the majority of their criteria.

The one thing it doesn't have that millennials want? A good public schools system. Philly isn’t alone on that—Seattle was the only city on the list that met that one quality.

For what it’s worth, the city is trying to improve its education system and poverty problem. With City Council scheduled to finalize the soda tax this Thursday, it will become the first city in the country to use some of the funds for community schools, renovations to community centers and parks, universal pre-school.