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Final Plans for Ambitious 30th Street Station District Unveiled

The 35-year master plan is expected to cost $6.5 billion

The final 30th Street Station District Plan was released this morning, boy oh boy is it a doozy. The 190-page document outlines the city’s ambitious mission to create a new pedestrian-friendly neighborhood, transform the city’s main transportation hub, and build wide swaths of open space for Philly.

The plan comes just a couple of weeks after the final and fifth 30th Street Station Plan open house, which was part of a two-year-long study that engaged the public and provided regular updates on the master plan.

After multiple revisions, here’s what the city has in store, whittled down to the very, very basics:

  • 18 million square feet of new development
  • Plans to double 30th Street Station's current capacity to accommodate 20 to 25 million passenger trips per year
  • 40 acres of open space

Take a look at all of the new renderings released with the plan, all with more in-depth details on each project.

We’ve also put together a timeline of the 35-year-long project to help you wrap your head around this massive undertaking, and there's a 5-minute-long launch video about the project too with cameos from Mayor Jim Kenney, Jerry Sweeney of Brandywine Realty, and more.