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Here’s What the Massive Mural at the Oval Pop-Up Park Will Look Like

The 25,000-square-foot mural will be called Rhythm & Hues

Earlier this month the Oval announced its return to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway on July 15, just in time for the Democratic National Convention. Today, more details were released about what to expect at the pop-up park this summer, and it sounds pretty awesome.

This year’s mural that will grace the grounds of the Oval is called Rhythm & Hues by local artist Brad Carney. The 25,000-square-foot mural will aim to foster a "full-scale music-inspired abstract experience."

In addition to the massive art piece, there will be an area called the Orchestra Pit with instruments for anyone to play, plus arts and crafts activities for kids where they can create instruments or paint music-inspired pieces.

Other exciting plans for the Oval were revealed:

  • Warby Parker, which is funding the mural, will host a free concert on August 11
  • For the first time, adult fitness classes will be offered at the Oval on Wellness Wednesdays. Think power yoga, kickboxing, and dance classes.
  • During the DNC, the Oval will have a Truth Booth, a pop-up inflatable video recording booth where visitors can record a 2-minute video starting with the words, "The truth is..." It will be part of a multimedia project and will travel to all 50 states this year.
  • Saturday hours at the oval have been extended this year to 10 p.m.