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Big Reveal: $294K for a 1BR Condo in Washington Square West

Most folks thought the asking price was a tad higher

How much does a one-bedroom condo with a communal deck go for in Washington Square West these days? That’s the question we poised to readers in this week’s Pricespotter.

The answer: Less than you might think.

While a majority of people who took our poll guessed that the asking price was $310,000, it’s actually a tad lower: $294,900.

Congrats to the 33 percent of voters who guessed correctly!

Let’s have another look at the 3-story condo, shall we? It's a 1-bedroom, 1-bath condo clocking in at just 905 square feet. But it has access to a roof deck with sweet views of the city, and the lower level could be converted into another room.