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Stone-Clad Midcentury Modern Gets $45K Price Chop

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It’s been on the market for two years

This stone-clad midcentury modern home set on two acres just can’t seem to find a buyer. When it first listed in 2014, it had an asking price of $925,000. After two years and multiple pricechops, including its most recent one this week, the 4-bedroom, 3-bath home is down to $830,000.

Designed by architect Arthur Miller in 1958, the home features a stone-clad facade and interior walls that were quarried from the hill that it’s tucked into. The 3,376-square-foot property been restored over the years by the current owners, who turned the main living area into an open floor living plan. There are also new windows and a new roof.

Will knocking off a few more G’s help this home find a buyer?