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Mural Arts Launches First-Ever Revolving Art Gallery in Callowhill

Welcome to the Spring Arts District

It's not often that the words "artist" and "developer" are used in the same sentence. Yet a new arts initiative planned for the Callowhill neighborhood is the byproduct of that dynamic duo.

The city's Mural Arts program and the development team Arts + Crafts Holdings have announced the launch of a revolving outdoor gallery in the Spring Arts District in Callowhill. Artwork—some permanent, some temporary—will be displayed on the walls, streets, and fences of properties owned by Arts + Crafts Holdings.

It’s the first time Mural Arts has ever launched a showcase like this, says executive director Jane Golden, though it’s an idea she’s always wanted to bring to Philadelphia after seeing similar ventures play out in other cities.

"I always take a page out of other cities and what’s going on there. I thought that this is a perfect area because there’s something so interesting, urban, and intense about this part of the city," Golden said.

When Arts + Crafts Holdings partner Craig Grossman approached Mural Arts about teaming up, Golden says it was a great opportunity to try out the new concept.

Two of the nine murals are already complete and the rest should be finished by October 2016. Going forth, Future artists will be able to submit proposals to add their own artwork to the revolving gallery.

"While I think it’s important to have work that’s permanent, this makes for more artist opportunities and makes a place more continually exciting," says Golden. "Art impacts the built environment in a way that’s inspiring and enigmatic. It peaks people’s curiosity."

Here’s a map where you’ll be able to find the nine murals.

Spring Arts District Map by Melissa