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How Much is the Rent for Your Philly Apartment?

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Tell us if you’ve experienced this: Friend from NYC comes to visit you in Philly. Friend from NYC asks your monthly rent. You tell friend from NYC your monthly rent. Friend from NYC cries into his/her $2 beer that would probably cost $9 in NYC.

We’ve all been there. Philadelphia is a considerably more affordable place to live compared to our neighbors up north or on the west coast. Recent stats put the median rental price for a one-bedroom unit in Philly around $1,200/month.

Sounds decent, yet a new report reveals what we’ve known for awhile now: Although rents are steadily increasing, salaries are not. That’s a problem. So this whole "affordable" wave we’re riding? It may not last very long.

So we want to know: How much do you pay for rent in Philadelphia? Do you live in a Center City studio for around $1,000? Or do you split the rent in a sprawling University City house with four other roommates? If you’re a homeowner now, what was your monthly rent in the past?

In this unofficial survey, we ask that you leave a comment sharing your rent, neighborhood, and type of apartment. This will be fun, eye-opening, and potentially sobering.