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Philly Wins National Competition to Reimagine Vine Street Expressway

It will have help from the US Department of Transportation

Philly has won a federal government competition that will allow them to redesign the Vine Street Expressway.

In May, the city entered a U.S. Transportation Department contest called "Every Place Counts," which asked cities to reimagine current transportation infrastructure for the better.

Philadelphia’s proposal focused on Vine Street Expressway, which was built during the 1980s and 1990s as a way to connect I-95 and the Schuylkill Expressway. It’s been criticized, however, for dividing communities, including Chinatown and Callowhill.

Philadelphia joins three other winning cities: Spokane, Washington; Ramsey County, Minnesota, and Nashville, Tennessee.

U.S. DOT will host a design session in Philly from July 14 to 15, bringing designers, urban planners, city officials, and residents together to discuss the future of the expressway.

Got an idea for the redesign? You can volunteer to be a part of the design session here.