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Northern Liberties, East Passyunk Named Top Coolest Neighborhoods in U.S.

But NoLibs is on the edge of “mainstream”

A new report has named Northern Liberties and East Passyunk two of the top coolest neighborhoods in the country, although the former may be on its last legs of peak hipster status.

Cushman & Wakefield, a real estate services firm, just released their 2016 Cool Streets Report, giving Sunset Park in Brooklyn, New York the top spot as the coolest ‘hood in America. While no Philly streets cracked the top 15, Northern Liberties and East Passyunk made it into the top 100.

On the "hip" meter, the report said Northern Liberties was "still cool" but going mainstream, while East Passyunk is "prime hipness."

So what makes Northern Liberties and East Passyunk so hip? Millennials. About 38 percent of adults aged 20 to 34 live within a two-mile radius of Northern Liberties. About 34 percent of millennials live close to East Passyunk.

To be clear, we know Northern Liberties isn’t literally a street. The report’s "cool streets" included neighborhoods and districts that have experienced impressive growth in various aspects, including housing, retail, incomes, night life, restaurant scene, and transportation. They also surveyed real estate professionals throughout the U.S. and Canada.

So do you agree: Are East Passyunk and Northern Liberties the coolest neighborhoods in the city?