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New Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House Renderings Revealed

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The historic building is getting a makeover

Last month we offered readers an inside tour of the long-abandoned Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House, the historic big box of a building that sits on North Broad Street.

And yesterday, Chris Cordaro of EB Realty Management shared these renderings of the opera house on Curbed Philly's Facebook page.

No, the renderings don't reveal much, except plans for the box office on the right corner and a restaurant on the left. And given the building's historic stature, the facade will be restored and remain in tact.

As of mid-May, developer Eric Blumenfeld and funder Billy Procida said they were close to finalizing a main tenant for the opera house. They described it as one of the "nation's biggest concert promoters" and said they'd make an announcement in three to six months, if all goes to plan.

We reached out to EB Realty Management and CBRE, who is handling the retail aspect of the property, for a comment. We'll update when we know more.

Until now, take a tour of the historic opera house as it stands today.